Relevant videos improve your Google ranking. PS Marcom Services supports you in the creation of professional application videos.

There is a clear trend towards video, especially when reporting on successful applications, and not just because of the improved Google ranking: interested parties prefer to watch a video of 3 to 5 minutes in length rather than read a text with pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words – but a video is worth a thousand pictures!

When visiting a plant,PS Marcom Services not only collects the details and images that are needed to write a case study, but also takes care of recording the necessary raw video material for you if required. There are then two ways to complete your application video:

a) You have all the technical possibilities and the necessary know-how in-house and finalize your video by yourself.

b) PS Marcom Services edits and sets your video to music completely for you in collaboration with an experienced partner.

Here are examples of videos PS Marcom Services has produced for his customers:

The following video project was created in collaboration with a professional cameraman and editor. The video shows a robot-based simulation of fully automated donut production line in the food industry. Two machine vision systems check the results of the baking processes and detect errors such as glazing or sprinkling. (Video source: Teledyne Vision Solutions, Canada)

The next video shows a machine for manufacturing aluminum containers for pet food. (Video source: Stemmer Imaging, Puchheim/Germany)