In the body production of Audi´s R8 series, a laser projection system from Z-Laser supports the employees with the manual inspection of around 1,500 weld seams per body. Production of the bodies for these super sports cars is done manually as these cars are only built in small series and with a great variety. During the inspection, 3D data sets from car bodies are projected onto the car body to be checked from different directions via six laser projectors. The employee can click through the individual steps of the review using a remote control of the laser system. Depending on the position of the weld seam, a suitable laser projector projects green laser lines onto the body and indicates the target position of the weld seams for the employee. The operator can thus compare the projection with the real weld seam and very easily recognize whether every required weld seam is present and whether the specified length is correct.

User: Audi Sport GmbH

Laser projection: Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH,

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