Jena-based OTTO Vision Technology GmbH builds test systems in which cameras from SVS-Vistek GmbH check any number of adjustable test features on up to 30 connectors per second with 100% reliability. The billions of connectors used worldwide are produced in the form of punched strips on punching machines with up to 1800 strokes per minute. A wide variety of geometric features must be checked for dimensional accuracy at up to 30 parts per second with typical tolerances in the order of magnitude of +/- 0.02 mm and theoretical accuracies of up to 1 µm. Due to their metallic material, connectors reflect light very strongly in unsuitable lighting and thus create difficult optical conditions for machine vision. Only high-performance inspection systems with perfectly combined mechanical elements, high-end machine vision systems, operating and evaluation software it is possible to detect defective parts with 100% certainty with these requirements.

Engineering: Otto Vision Technology,

Machine vision: SVS-Vistek,

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